Rotating Daily Specials Often Include:

Delicious Grilled Salmon with Honey Glaze, Veggies, and Slaw

Slow Cooked Pulled Pork on Kaiser Roll with Choice of Side

Grilled Steak or Pork Chops

Everyday Menu:

Mug of Soup with Bread- $6.32

Signature Salad with Bread- $10.91

Grilled Spicy Chicken|Romaine|Sweet Onion|Pine Nuts
Dried Cranberries|Grated White Cheese|Chili Lime “Caesar Style” Dressing

Classic Tuna Melt-$10.49

Rye Bread|Melted Swiss|Caramelized Onion (choice of side)

440 Cal Plate- Spicy Black Bean Burger- $9.10

Avocado|Fried Egg|Chipotle Sauce|Tomato|Thin Whole Wheat Roll|with Slaw

 Grilled 1\2 Pound Steak Burger- $10.49

#1 Burger- Avocado|Bacon|Chipotle Sauce|Vine Tomato|Cheddar Cheese|Kaiser Roll (choice of side)

Chefs Burger of the Week- Ask your Server

Side Dishes- Shoestring Fries|Spicy Wedge Fries|Sweet Potato Fries|Fresh Slaw- $3.75


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